Need Some Water’s commitment is to provide the highest quality natural spring water combined with a professional branding for your business or event.

Our facility is located in the beautiful hills of North Georgia at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. The crystal clear, natural spring water flows from the Knox Aquifer. It bubbles to the surface naturally, without using pumps, boreholes or other environmentally destructive means.

On arrival, the water has been filtered thorough thousands of feet of sand, gravel, limestone, and granite and pushed to the surface into one of the largest containment buildings in the USA. The water literally never sees the light of day.

Rigid quality control includes in-house lab testing twice a day and outside lab testing once a week. After testing, the water flows thru a UV system, three absolute filters and an ozonation system before bottled in a “clean room”. These procedures exceed the requirements of the International Bottled Water Association and the FDA.

Need Some Water’s bottles are manufactured on site, which reduces their carbon footprint. The bottles are 100% recyclable. The bottling plant is purchasing green power which is produced through a combination of wind, solar and methane gas.

Our professional art department can assist you in designing your labels. Our labels are printed on a premium mylar and they are 100% waterproof.